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Payroll Processing

While payroll processing is straightforward in theory, it might be the most cumbersome process you deal with.

Hr Platform

Working with Providers

There are plenty of reasons why this is the case, and those reasons are just part of the task with no real options for relief. A major contributing factor is that the data required by your provider must be transmitted to them in a specific way at a specific time to fit THEIR systems. Unfortunately for you, those requirements may not necessarily jive with how your internal systems work.  But, since the payroll provider offers some useful features like technology or HR management, you just deal with the negative of having to rework your data to suit them. So, you just keep stressing yourself to compile and transmit the data, cycle after cycle, to your provider, and curse the exercise as the worst part of your job.

What if there was a way you could pull the process apart, and then rebuild it in a way that suits you best? What if you picked a payroll vendor simply on the merits of their payroll processing? We can present many options to you and you can review how their systems work and if it fits with YOU. Leave everything else to us and we can fix your finished package to include our HR platform, integrated with the payroll vendor of your choice, to deliver a single, streamlined payroll experience.

You select the vendor, you tell us what your needs are to house within the HR platform, and then we deliver you the package on YOUR terms.

Organizationally, our approach to payroll is simple: we provide CHOICE. We don’t have a proprietary payroll function that forces clients to have to feed us data a certain way. We present multiple providers to clients the same way we do for all of our other lines of service. Then the client can select the vendor that fits them best simply based on payroll processing. Then we give you the ancillary software those vendors “throw in” as part of our HR platform. This gives you the best of both worlds.

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