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About Clearscope

a team of professionals who specialize in the various elements of employee benefit services

Clearscope Approach


Clearscope is a team of professionals specializing in employee benefits, HR, retirement plan administration, wealth management, tax, and accounting. While we provide software solutions to make everyone’s life easier, we are a professional services firm that offers technology, not a tech firm that dabbles in professional services.


Clearscope is a full-service professional services firm offering business and individual solutions offering insurance, wealth management, hr support, tax and accounting. We combine state of the art software with concierge, high touch service.


Clearscope has offices in New York, New Jersey, and South Florida, although we serve clients from coast to coast.


The old paradigm involved companies and individuals buying products and services a-la-carte.  The new paradigm has seen tech companies entering the benefits, financial, and accounting industry with shiny, new technology, but without the proper expertise.  So the question is, do you need a tech firm to try to provide you professional services, or a professional services to provide you solutions using tech?  This contrasting perspective is why clients choose Clearscope.


Clearscope leverages the experience of its team members and integrated the latest software to deliver best-in-class solutions.