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Individual Insurance

Many people think that they only need the insurance that their employer offers them.

The reality is that employers decide to offer group insurance for many reasons, however satisfying all of the insurance needs of their employees is not usually one of them. Once we help a group install the base line insurance that group plans provide, the next step is to assess the individual needs of each employee.

Some employees are concerned about the risk of dying and leaving their heirs with liabilities. Others are concerned about protecting their income if they become too sick or injured to work. Yet others are concerned about exhausting their savings if they need to pay for chronic care. By handling your group benefits, we can work with your employees to customize their individual insurance portfolio based on what you offer them as a baseline.

Most times people have the best intentions in mind when it comes to protecting their family. They invest in an alarm system or they make sure to buy all organic food. While all these things are important we tend not to address the risks that are not pleasant to think about. What would my family do if I didn’t come home from work today? What would my family do if I was unable to get up and go earn a paycheck? Would they be able to live the life that I have made them accustom to? Is my child still able to attend their dream school? These are all questions that we don’t want to think about but need to be planned for.

ClearscopeHR not only provides the access to the best options available for you and your family but a specialist will take the time to speak with you and help you determine the best strategy and products on the marketplace to fulfill your needs. Our specialists are licensed brokers who are here to share their wealth of knowledge of insurance planning with you and your family. Ultimately our goal is to make sure that your family is protected in the worst case scenario!